Fee Pricing

Legal costs will vary depending on the nature of your instructions, however we always endeavour to be open and upfront about our fees.

Clients are invited to discuss our fees with us to find an option that is best suited to their circumstances.  We have a number of options available to clients.



Disbursements and out of pockets are not included in any of our fee categories, unless expressly stated by us. Disbursements include things such as court filing fees, search fees or application fees payable to a third party provider.

Fee Options

We offer a variety of fee options to clients:

Hourly Rate

Your fees are based on how much time is spent on your file. We will provide you with an hourly rate for each of the persons in our office who will work on your file. You will be advised on the persons and their respective rates at the commencement of your matter.

Fixed Fees

We will set a fixed fee for a particular task (e.g. reviewing a lease), or for a particular stage of your matter (e.g. mediation hearing). The fixed fee will apply only for that particular task or matter.


Usually this rate will apply where we have entered into a “global” retainer where you have instructed us to do all of your legal work, or a specific retainer covering particular aspects of a task.

Capped Fees

We will charge our fees based on our hourly rate. However will agree that our fees will not exceed a capped sum, which is made known to you at the commencement of the matter.